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The story of Ciccio's ice cream shop begins in the 30s

When the Adelfio brothers (Francesco, first and foremost, together with Vincenzo, Stefano and Antonio), opened a dairy near the station.

The shepherds of the province traveled along that road to the milk plant. They stopped drinking a coffee, but above all they left the Adelfio a little more milk. Ciccio, brilliant, with the one in excess began to make ice cream. A special fiordilatte, think that it took 3 hours to produce 1 kg of artisan products. In the 70s, Bartolomeo, son of "Ciccio", gave a turning point to the company. Both for a hygiene factor and for a more copious production, it introduces the personalizzate customized bases》 (the one for the cream and the one for the fruit), never neglecting the artisan component of the product. Bartolomeo has the merit, in substance, to lead the company from the ancient to the modern and at the same time to catalyze an even international clientele.

With him retired, the scepter passes to his sons Elisabetta and Ciccio junior. The latter, which bears the name of the founder, does not omit the path taken by his father and further modernizes the activity, centering the new tastes and new fashions year by year. Francesco does so much training with the most illustrious masters: Roberto Lestani ( world champion of confectionery and Olympic chocolate maker), Nino De Pasquale (old mentor of the sector), Ivana Guddo (winner of the cake Design festival 2012). The management is still at a family level, in fact currently the children of "Ciccio" collaborate: Bartolomeo junior and Claudio, who represent the fourth generation.

Brothers Adelfio - 1930

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